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We all make New Year’s Resolution, but we never make it past March. By March, most often the resolutions we have promised ourselves have gone out the window. As we make resolutions year after year, we have not hit our goals each and every time. It can be frustrating and there will come a point that we stop aiming to become better persons. Where did we went wrong? For generations people tend to put pressure and stress on life to the point we give up. The thing is that we have doing resolutions wrong. The failed attempts to become better should have been a sign for us all along. It is not just putting our mind into things, but we need to take a look at our lifestyle. We need to optimize our lifestyle so the changes we set will be permanent.

The things that we learned from our parens and school are not enough. The key here is to start learning new things and doing away from the things we have learned before that have never worked for us in the first place. It boils down to understanding your situation. Once we become aware of the situation we are able to address the lifestyle chances that we desire. There are many people who jumped into the fray not knowing what they will be encountering. This is the reason why people fail. Change comes when we realize what needs to be change and how to get to the goal. As we change, we always make it sure that we become happier, healthier, and wealthier. Change is the start of having an optimized lifestyle. The key here is to optimize our life by improving our performance and become a better version.

When we optimize our lifestyle, we generally think about our health. The number one resolution people make is all about how they can improve their health. For most people, they make resolutions that will drive them to stop smoking or to lose weight. Our health can be the direct beneficiaries of these resolutions. The sad part is that we tend to fail in fulfilling these resolutions. People are able to transform themselves but fail because they fail because they want it instantly. Getting fat never happened in an instant, perhaps it took some time to accumulate the added weight. It takes a lot of process to accumulate unwanted weight. When getting rid of the unwanted weight or to turn back tobacco addiction, it takes a long process too. It is huge lie to think we can undo things in a snap.

When looking to try out lifestyle optimization, you need to have a coach. As such, you need to redefine everything to make sense of everything.

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