3 Reasons to Invest in a Big Berkey Water Filter

Environmental concerns have been making the news and contaminated drinking water is often the focus. It is a critical problem because clean water is essential for health but various kinds of pollution can contaminate both natural and municipal sources. As a result, big berkey water filters are in demand. They range from travel models to filters that can purify household water. The filtering systems are affordable, versatile and provide a steady supply of safe water.

Filters Ensure That Water Is Safe

Portable filtering systems are essential in situations where natural water supplies are polluted due to plumbing issues or natural disasters. Many customers also buy filters for everyday use. Over half of U.S. water contains fluoride and most is treated with chlorine. Quality water filters can remove both and protect against dangerous pathogens. A high-grade system will filter out as much as 99.99% of parasites, bacteria, cysts, and chemicals without removing the minerals that are important for good health.

Quality Filters Are Budget Friendly

Berkey filtering systems are popular because they provide an affordable way to clean water. Customers can choose a filter that will last through 3,000 gallons of water. That translates to 11.5 years of purified water for a client filtering 10 gallons each week. Even with the cost of an additional arsenic filter, a user would pay 7 cents per gallon of healthy water. That is a bargain, especially compared to the cost of buying bottled water.

Filtering Systems Adapt to Many Uses

A superior water filter can also be used for many purposes. Since they do not run on electric, filters can be used in any location, In fact, travel models are ideal for camping and hunting. Clients often buy larger models in order to ensure a reliable supply of home drinking water. Both types can provide healthy water in situations where supplies have been contaminated due to disasters or when the electricity is out.

High quality portable water filtering systems are becoming hot consumer items. Many customers buy them for camping and hunting and to ensure that home water supplies are as healthy as possible. Filters can remove a variety of dangerous contaminants as well as fluoride and chlorine.